Artwork Requirements


In order to reproduce the best possible graphics and colors, our high definition wide format equipment            

requires specific art files.


Vector files are preferred, Adobe Illustrator or EPS. Vector files do not need to be submitted to the finished size,

only proportionate to the final size. All fonts must be outlined or converted to curves. If this can’t be accomplished,

the font must be included with the art in True Type Format.

Raster files, prefer Adobe Photoshop. Raster artwork should be submitted as a flattened 300 dpi .tif file. The

physical size of the original file must be at least 1/4 of the desired output size. If the file becomes too large to

email, you can upload to us via ftp (link in the bottom of this page). Feel free to call us if you need more instructions.


Color specifications, if your artwork requires specific colors, it is important to provide us with the Pantone

matching number (PMS) for each color. Please do not assume that the final product will be the same color(s) as your

monitor or printer. We do not use CMYK values when matching colors.


File extensions we can use:









File extensions we cannot use:


 .doc    .txt

 .ppt    .wpd

 .gif     .xls

 .bmp  .dat




Please click on the link below to upload your art files 

Password is "goldline"  (All lower caps)